Pain in the Neck No More

Back in March of 2014, I posted about my troublesome neck pain issues. It started around 3 years before that, so now it’s been going on probably 7 years of dealing with neck pain and headaches. Well, I think I finally got cured! Praise God!!
In the last 2-3 months, I have had times where the headaches had gotten worse. And they were extremely worse with heat and outdoor work (great excuse for not doing chores, but I like to some work occasionally!). Twice it got bad enough that I felt like I was having a migraine headache.

Since I had been assigned a new physician at my doctors office, I decided to revisit the situation with him. I also had been journaling my headaches over the last month to keep track of when they were and how bad they got. He agreed that at least 2 of the headaches were most likely migraines and gave me some quick relief pills for that and also referred me to a neurologist for another look. This is also the same neurologist that Laura has been going to for the longest time.

On my initial visit with the neurologist, he gave me a good examination and asked lots of questions, probing what might be causing the headaches and pain and what the symptoms where. He decided to put me on a migraine preventative to see help prevent the occasional migraines and see if that had any effect on the other headaches.

Well after a month on the preventative, I haven’t had one headache and only had a few episodes of neck pain. I think in the 4 week period I have had 3-4 days that my neck was bothering me and none of them really turned into a headache. I am so relieved to finally have found a solution. And it wasn’t my neck after all, it was migraine headaches, that either were fairly mild or just did not have the same effect on me as they do with others.