Tales from Band Camp IV

The McAllen Symphonic Band’s reading session has come to an end. I really didn’t do much better at the reading on May 6th, but I survived yet again. There was definitely less people there this time We only had 4 trombones, there was 1 french horn, 1 tuba, several euphoniums. I was the only 2nd trombone player, I guess I scared the new guy from last week off.

I did get called out once by the director, I had gotten lost and it just so happened it was at a point where the trombones had an important part (yes, that occasionally does happen). I had stopped playing to try to figure out where they were at and when he stopped he asked if there was a 2nd trombone part. Arghhh! Well, I definitely wasn’t the only one to make a mistake over the last 3 rehearsals, so I don’t feel too bad about it. But, the lesson has been learned and I am going to try to figure out a way to work on my sight reading.

We don’t have any more rehearsals for the rest of the month. They will start back up on June 3rd with practices for the 4th of July concert. I would like to keep practicing, but I need to send off the bell section of the new trombone back to Getzen. It has a defect on the lacquering and the lacquer started flaking off, so I am sending it back to get stripped and re-lacquered. I will be sending it off tomorrow and will hopefully have it back for the rehearsal on the 3rd. Steve at The Horn Guys has been a big help communicating with Getzen to get this resolved. If it does not get back to me in time for the rehearsals, I will just use the King trombone until the Getzen gets back.