My Musical Journey

Red tonnet Search for Tonnet and you won’t find much information on it, but if you try “Recorder” you might find some information or you may have played one in elementry. When I was in early elementry music class, we played on Tonnets and our accompaniment was either a pedal organ or auto harp. Ah the good ole days! Actually I never liked the sound of the auto harp but it was a cool device and I thought the pedal organ was pretty cool. My Father is a Hot Rodder, hotrods have pedals, therefore, an organ with pedals couldn’t be all that bad! Continue reading

Summer is over!

Well summer is not really over, but it is starting to wane. It’s not actually cooling off yet, hitting 100+ just about everyday lately. But school started up again, and first run shows should start showing up soon.

I have been slacking on the blog as of late. And I figured it was time to get that some-what “uggh” post about my last surgery off the top of the blog. I do have plans for other blog posts, I just have not gotten down to actually formulating my ideas and getting it down in text. I want to blog about my re-entry into the music world. Also some more blog posts on how Laura and I use technology in our life, both personal and professional and a few other ideas. Speaking of blogs, be sure to check out my Sister’s blog The Zen of Sweeping and also her husbands Flip Flop Vector. They are currently on a year long RV trip all over the US. I envy them, but I also like to keep my feet firmly planted in Texas.

Laura started up the fall semester yet again, much to her dismay, this semester she has the privilege of traveling Rio Grande City twice a week. She is not real happy about that (me neither) but it is her turn in the rotation, so it only comes around once in awhile. And it get a change to stretch my cooking skills, what little I have of them. Today I made Stuffed Bell Peppers, and it turned out fairly well, but I am making some changes on the recipe for next time.

Another upcoming blog topic might be my participation in the design/setup/use of the new Audio/Lighting/Video system that we’ll be putting in our new church building soon. The system we have now was hastily put together by me and our previous worship leader. And amazingly it works fairly well. But this time we are wanting to hire a professional and have them do the design, install and setup. That should provide some good content for the blog and keep me occupied as well.

Until Next Time!