You Don’t Want to Know

For the most part I kept the fact that I was having surgery again fairly quiet. And for those that did know about it, they may not have known what the surgery was for. I had thought for awhile as to if I should tell people about the surgery. And then if I should tell them what it is for and how to tell them. It is not a common surgery, so most people would probably want an explanation and I didn’t want to explain it.

And being that fact that when I did some research on the surgery, It was hard to find much information about it, except for generic descriptions on most hospital websites. So, I have decided to post my experience so not only my friends and family might know about it, but also so maybe it will help someone else that finds themselves looking for information on this procedure. And mind you, I am not a medical person, just a patient.

As I told a few people who knew about the surgery, I said it was a “guy thing” so read on only if you are prepared to find out the answer. It might cause mental anguish for you guys, fair warned :)

Over the years I have had a growth in my scrotum that I had checked out a few times by urologists and they all said it was non-cancerous and would not cause any problems. That went on for several years and then we noticed that is was starting to get bigger and bigger to the point that it would occasionally cause pain because the testicles were being crowded. And for the first several visits to the doctors to discuss it, I was never really told what it was or what caused it. This last visit to a new doctor (I stopped going to the last one since he was funneling money to Islamic/Terrorist organizations) finally explained what it was!

It is called a Spermatocele. Apparently most men have them, and they are usually fairly small and do not cause any problems. They rarely get large enough to cause any problems or warrant any type medical procedure. Basically it is a “leak” in the tube that carries the sperm. This leak creates a sac, filled with the fluid coming from the tub. In time it can grow larger, but it most men that have one, they usually stay fairly small and un-noticed. Well as I said, mine had grown to become bothersome and the Doctor said it was best to take it out…. OUCH!!

The surgery is called a Spermatocelectomy. (This is where guys can look away) Basically what they do is make an incision in the scrotum, they remove the spermatocele and attempt to seal up the hole in the tube. Then they close things up and you go home to walk like a saddle sore cowboy for a week or two! And that is basically how it went.

Surgery itself was quick, I am not even sure if Laura had the time to grab a lunch or not. I was wheeled away shortly before 3 and I was home by 5:00. The main part of recovery is that the scrotum is about 3 times its normal size and pretty darn sore. I initially figured I would be wearing briefs to help support the scrotum and maybe ease the pain. But after the surgery I figured it would be best to wear boxers and give it some room to breath. It was sore to the touch and I figured that if it was held firmly by some briefs, it might cause I continuous pain.

Walking is slow and gingerly. Sitting down is slow and gingerly. Don’t even think about sleeping on your side or stomach. On your back is the only way to go. Which is not comfortable for me, so I was getting up several times a night to stretch my back.

How long you ask? Well I had surgery on Monday, it is now friday and I am still very swollen and sore, but as I read on the internet that is par for the course. Most of the comments I saw (about 4 in total, I guess it is that rare or most people don’t talk about it), it is normal to be swollen and sore for a week or more. I start back to work on Monday, so I figure I might still be walking slow and gingerly for another week to come or so.

As for other activities, my walking exercise is out of the question until all the swelling is gone. Same for any other type of activity that means moving around a lot. Sex is probably out for 4-6 weeks. Otherwise I am getting back to normal. I haven’t been able to practice my trombone much, apparently I push from my diaphragm like I am supposed to.

Overall I am probably going to be glad I had the procedure. I might not care for it much right now, but in a few weeks I will. And hopefully I won’t have to have it again. They say the spermatocele can return, but usually they won’t be as big or bothersome. So hopefully mine is gone for good. If you find yourself going through this, it is not a big worry, just some annoying soreness and swelling.


** Update ** 04/23/2012

It has been a week now and figured I would give a small update. The overall swelling is pretty much gone, there is still some localized swelling around the incision point, but that is all. And the only real pain I have now is around the incision area. Sort of like a stinging pain occasionally like something rubs across the incision. Other than that I am feeling pretty good. It is still sensitive, but not too annoying.