You Don’t Want to Know

For the most part I kept the fact that I was having surgery again fairly quiet. And for those that did know about it, they may not have known what the surgery was for. I had thought for awhile as to if I should tell people about the surgery. And then if I should tell them what it is for and how to tell them. It is not a common surgery, so most people would probably want an explanation and I didn’t want to explain it.

And being that fact that when I did some research on the surgery, It was hard to find much information about it, except for generic descriptions on most hospital websites. So, I have decided to post my experience so not only my friends and family might know about it, but also so maybe it will help someone else that finds themselves looking for information on this procedure. And mind you, I am not a medical person, just a patient.

As I told a few people who knew about the surgery, I said it was a “guy thing” so read on only if you are prepared to find out the answer. It might cause mental anguish for you guys, fair warned :)

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