My First Surgery

Just a bit of an overall update on the surgery I had this past Thursday. I was scheduled to go in at 1:30, but I don’ t think we got into Pre-op until 2:30 or 3. After poking me for the IV and several visits from nurses, doctors, etc. I was wheeled away about 4:45. The next 5 minutes was probably the strangest 5 minutes I have ever experienced. They set me up in the room, had me breathe into a mask for a minute or so and then the anesthesiologist said “we’ll see you in recovery” and I just felt a warming sensation and that was it.

The next thing I (seem) to remember is hearing my name, and someone telling me to wake up. And I recall vomiting a little bit, but they had a suction tube in my mouth to clean it out. I think that is when they removed the breathing tube. For the next 15-30 minutes I was in/out trying to wake up. There was a younger man in the room with me that had had hand surgery. He was chatting with the nurse and asked her if she was a republican or democrat, and she said republican, and I had to pipe in as well to let him know he was out numbered. We chatted it up a bit about the republican primary until they found him a recovery room and he was wheeled off. 10 minutes later they found a room for me and I was off to see my wife finally.

At this point I still did not really know what time it was. When I got to the regular recovery room I saw the clock and it was 7:00, and I was like WOW! The nurse apologized for the time it took, apparently they had a ton of surgeries that day (and as I overheard – A nurse that was being a PITA and not taking any recovery patients).  The nurse set me up in a recliner and gave me some apple juice and went to get Laura. Then it was some quick instructions, Laura brought the truck closer to the release area and then helped me get dressed and we were off.

After getting home, Laura went to get my pain meds (and a whataburger) while I had a warm cup of chicken soup, some crackers and water. Then it was off to bed. The first night was fairly good. I cannot sleep on my back because it eventually causes me back pain. But it wasn’t to bad on the first night. I got up once to try to use the restroom and take another pain pill.

Friday I was up at 7am or so. Coffee, Banana, and started checking my mail. The rest of the day was pretty much spent in the recliner either watching TV or on my laptop. I was trying to get up about every hour or two to walk around and keep myself limber. I am making good use of the walking cane I bought for when my gout flares up. Had an afternoon nap and during the evening Laura and I watched some DVR’d shows and then it was off to bed again.

My back didn’t last as long on night #2. I was up around 2am to “try” to stretch my back, take another pain med and use the restroom. I was able to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours, but my back finally won and required me to get out of bed for awhile. I’ll go back in there in a bit to rest some more after my back quits complaining. I was able to finally lay on my side for a little bit, but the pain was greater than the comfort and had to switch back. Hoping tonight I can sleep on my of my sides.

Plans are to duplicate yesterday, with the highly possible exception of our regular Saturday lunch date at Jason’s Deli. We’ve been doing that for a number of months now and I really enjoy my Wild Salmon Wich (They had a photo of it on their home page when I looked just now – that thing is so good).

I do plan to be able to make church tomorrow, but probably only for the main service. Depending on where the pain level is at. And then back to work sometime next week. I have a follow up with the surgeon on Friday to see how things went.