Do I have to shout!? In the last month or so I have had four friends have some sort of computer crash. One was a smartphone, the other three were computers. In two of those situations, backups were being made. In the other two situations, there were not backing up anything.

When the Operating System update goes bad or when that piece of hardware fails, don’t be sitting there with no way to get your valuable data, photos and documents back. Please find some backup solution that will work for you and stick with it. Even if it costs a $5-20 a month, it is worth it. You’ll probably spend $20 a month on coffee or sodas anyway, drink less coffee or soda and backup your data.

Here are a few solutions that I know of off the top of my head that you can use for backup purposes.

  • Carbonite¬†– For the less computer savy or for the lazy geek. Carbonite is apparently pretty good. I have never used it, but I have heard from people that have and they are satisfied.
  • Mozy Home – Another online service that a fellow techy uses with apparently good results.
  • Dropbox¬†– Dropbox is not really a backup solution, but I use it to store all my documents, photos, data, etc in Dropbox so I have access to any from any machine/device and I have a backup of the data across several computers and in the cloud.
  • For your Smartphone or tablet device, be sure to sync it regularly either with your computer or with iCloud (for iOS devices). And by regularly I mean at the least once a week. I sync my iPhone and iPad several times a week.
If you decide not to take my advice and backup, do not be disappointed when your computer crashes and the data cannot be recovered. It will happen!
And just a side note about Trojan’s and Virus’, Keep your antivirus program up to date (I suggest you use Microsoft Security Essentials – free and good) and practice “safe surfing