My Top 10 iPhone Apps

A friend of mine is considering getting an iPhone and asked me last night what my top 10 productivity and time management apps would be for iPhone. It really did not take long for me to decide what apps would be on the list. I just ran through my app pages finding the apps that I use most (besides the basic email, Safari and Messaging apps). My list for the iPad would be very similar as most of the apps are for both the iPhone and iPad. I think one or two of them do have separate apps for each, but I think it was well worth the money spent on them.

So here we go:

Ok apps:
  1. iOS Calendar + Google Calendar – best calendar setup and it’s free
  2. Todo (4.99)+ Toodledo – The best Task Scheduler combo (Toodledo is a web based to do system.
  3. Evernote (free)- Excellent app for keep notes or photos or anything. And it has a Win/Mac desktop app along with web access. I use it for just about everything. Even scanning handwritten notes for archiving purposes. I also am starting to use it to scan all financial stuff for archiving. No more paper!
  4. Goodreader (4.99) – Excellent program to store and keep PDFs on your  iPhone – owners manuals, how-to’s, books, etc.
  5. The Weather Channel (free)
  6. GroceryIQ (free) – Nice grocery list app that syncs with multiple devices and a web interface.
  7. Dragon Dictation (free) – Very handy for recording/transcribing ideas.
  8. Reeder (2.99) – Very nice iPhone portal for Google Reader
  9. Instapaper (4.99) – For “offline” reading of webpages. You can create a bookmark in your browser to “save” a webpage to instapaper for later reading.
  10. Due (4.99) – A great app for fast reminders, egg timers, and alarms. Very versatile
There you have it. They are all great apps, and there are others I use often as well, but these would be the top apps.


  1. Laura Nunn says:

    And to affirm the multi-user functionality of several of those apps, I can tell you that our sharing of the Google calendar helps keep us in sync; and the grocery app REALLY helps regardless of who's going to the grocery store!