Reinstall Nightmares

What started as a simple hard drive failure, which is not usually simple in itself, has turned into a 2 day ordeal and I am not even done with that yet.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was in my developer software working on some programs for the new payroll system I am writing. I had Chrome opened as usual, and I switched to it to check email and it froze. No big deal, I closed it up and tried to restart it but it would not start up. No programs would start up, but the system was still “working”. My mouse would move and the start menu would come up, etc. So I restarted the system and I got the BSOD, and the system started rebooting. Then it says it cannot find a boot device… oh great! I shut it down, and then turn it back on again to shock the system and I get the same error. So I pull the side cover off and reset the drive cables and try again, same result.

I took the drive out and put it in another machine and the bios was not seeing the drive. Same as it was on the main machine. So I have a new paper weight! I drive up to Best Buy to get a new drive. I will just say that the selection at my local Best Buy sucks! I ended up with a 1TB Cavier Green drive, got it back to the office and started the windows install. I got Win7 installed and started the updates and also started the Ninite installation from A great utility that streamlines the initial installation of popular software. Then I left it to sit overnight.

Today I started installing the important stuff, like my iSeries development software, WDSC. WDSC7 is not intended for Windows 7 and can be tricky to install. So I was following some instructions I found on the web. I then figured out I had the wrong version of the IBM Installation Manager, so I tried to uninstall it, but it would not uninstall. I was up against a well. I needed to uninstall it, but it would not uninstall. Since I had not done much work on the machine, so I decided to just reinstall again.

After getting the installation I started, I upgraded with “Windows Anytime Upgrade” and then started doing updates. After awhile SP1 started having some problems and was causing errors with Windows Update. So after some research I found out it is not a good idea to upgrade to Professional and then install SP1. So I am currently reinstalling again, I will then do updates and then upgrade to Professional. Once that is all done, then I will work on getting my development software install correctly. Then I will mess with installing everything else.

So much fun….

Update 3:30pm

The fun continues – slowly still running windows update. At once point it got stuck on the loading windows screen. I let it sit for 10 minutes before restarting. I think it is trying to do SP1 now. We’ll see.