Blogs and Sushi

Now that the blog has been moved over to my own “server”, I figure it would be a good time to make an update post. My last post(s) were about the remodel and a lot has happened since then. Well maybe not a lot, but safe to say some things have changed.

Previously I had a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that hosted my domains and the church website. For several months, if not the past year, I have been waiting to get rid of the VPS and switch to a regular hosting service. There are too many possible problems with having your own server, so I wanted to get rid of mine. The opportunity came along when another member of the church built a new website and we moved the site over to a Bluehost account. I also decided to setup a bluehost account for the domains that I still have. And in the process moved my blog over to my server, running WordPress. As you can see I also have a new theme as well, I like this one, but I am not totally happy with it. Maybe I’ll find something I like soon.

That web guru that got our new Church site going also got me going on Sushi. I have always been curious about sushi and I had tried some from HEB once, but I have never had anyone to go eat it with. When we started having our little meetings to discuss the website, we decided to having the meetings at sushi places so I could learn more about sushi. Well, now I am hooked on it. I have always liked fish, but always felt like the flavor of the fish was just “there”. With sushi the flavor is in your face and so fresh. Laura doesn’t care for it, but she has found some items that she really likes that she can get at most sushi places, so that works out. And Zach works at a place called Coast, which as $2 happy hour sushi rolls, can’t beat that!

My walking exercise is still going good. The weather has cooled off some so I have been able to visit the park again for some evening walks. I really enjoy those walks rather than spending the time on the treadmill. But either way I am able to enjoy the “Renewing your Mind” podcasts by RC Sproul. Very good instruction with solid theology.

Blogwise, I have a few ideas for some future posts, so keep your eyes open for more!

Stay Tuned, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel