State of the Summer

Taking an idea from my little sister’s blog, I decided to do a “State of the Summer” blog to give an overview of our summer plans. We are glad to have gotten the remodel out of the way and now we can get on some of the other smaller projects we have in mind. Laura will be teaching both Summer I and Summer II, but she only has a “face to face” class during Summer I. She’ll be staying really busy with that along with the little things around the house. I’ve started my walking back up again, I did not intend to take a break, but with all the things going on around the house, I just didn’t have the time to stick to my normal routine of walking everyday, I am glad to have started back up, mainly at the park right now, but I’ll be hitting the treadmill soon as well. It is rather hot outside.

In June we will be heading up to Round Rock to see Mom and Dad and that is when we will meet up with Kelli and Dan and their kids to attend one of the first Drum Corp International shows in north Austin. It will be great to meet up with them again and spend some time with them and their kids.

In July Laura and I have a little vacation planned for San Antonio. We’ll be staying on the River Walk for 4 days along with attending the a big DCI show at the Alamodome and visiting Sea World! We are both really looking forward to parking the truck and just enjoying 4 days on the river walk (although we will have to drive to Sea World).

I am planning at least one trip to Schlitterbahn with Laura this summer, and I am sure she will have other trips planned with her friends as well. And sometime in the next few months we’ll be doing some small projects around the house ranging from painting to small repair jobs. It should be a busy summer.