State of the Remodel – Final Episode

It is finally complete. They finished most of the work up on Saturday morning of last week. Then the painter had to come in and do some stuff on Monday and Tuesday. Laura spent a lot of her last week off organizing, putting stuff back in it’s place, cleaning, dusting, and planning new projects.

Overall I think everything turned out good, we learned a few things that will help us in our upcoming DIY projects. Here are a few photos of the finished project. I’ll be creating a facebook album as well that will have some over all pictures of the whole project. Laura did a great job designing the changes and communicating them to the contractor. I had almost nothing to do with it all. I really like the way she designed the hallway CD storage shelves, which is the lower half of the shelves in the master bathroom, which are on the top half of the wall. There is a “Tim Allen” aspect thing in it as well. We got a power flush toilet and boy does that thing flush. It’s hair trigger handle activates a flush like I have never seen before, it’s a bit loud, but nothing survives, it’s done in a few seconds and refills very quickly. Very nice! :)

Hallway CD Storage area – bottom half of the wall it shares with the master bathroom
Master Bathroom Shelves – Upper part of the wall shared with the CD Storage
The Master Bathroom vanity
An overall picture of the kitchen