State of the Remodel – Episode III

Work is still moving along. Maybe a bit slower than we would hope or would have anticipated, but it is moving along. We did have a few setbacks that slowed things down.

One problem was pipes for the sink drain were slightly “up hill” (because the sink was deeper). It would drain normally when just running the water, but if we ran our new super quiet disposal, water would backup into the sink when it was shut off (some sort of suction action going on there). So we spent this last weekend pretty much without a kitchen sink, which is no fun. The drainage pipes ran behind the dishwasher, so we had to wait till Monday so they could open up the wall and replace all the pipes. So the kitchen stands 99% finished with just the baseboards remaining.

Finished Kitchen

Today they started on the tile flooring in the master closet, which is the same tile that is used in the kitchen.

In the master bathroom all the walls are done, the sheetrock installed and the shower is installed. The painters should be coming into finish off the walls tomorrow, then the cabinet guy will be in Thursday and Friday to put in the vanity and shelving. Then they can do the final finishing touches and the flooring and then they’ll put the new toilet in (finally!). Below is a few photos of the progress in the master bathroom. Maybe they’ll be done by mid-week next week or late next week.

Entry to the room where the toilet will be
The new shower
Where the vanity will be going
Where the door to the bathroom was, and where it is now