State of the Remodel – Episode II

Another week has past, and a lot has been done, but nothing has been finished. I’ll start of with the smaller things. We were going to have the front door re-finished, but that turned out to be more than we bargained for, so we decided on just getting a new door instead. Which will also help out with the lack of “seal” around our current door as they will be replacing the door frame as well. I’ll put up some pictures when the door is actually in.

Finish Cabinets in Master Closet

The new closet still lacks the tile floor and baseboards, but we are using it as our closet now. It turned out really nice and will work very well once we can organize it better (once the bathroom is finished). They did a really good job the staining and the quality of the hardware is very good. Drawers work really nice, etc. Being as enclosed as it is, it is hard to get a good picture.

Master Bath – “During”
Master Bath “Before”

They also started on the master bathroom this week. The room is all gutted out now, the only thing left in there is some of the old framing and the some of the floor. Once they finish the kitchen early this coming week, they will get back on the bathroom and get the framing up so the cabinet maker can get measurements to start building the shelves, cabinets and vanity.

Kitchen Sink “Before”
Kitchen Sink “During”

Laura doesn’t want me to show all of the kitchen, so I’ll just give y’all a little taste of the work that is going on in there. Below is the before and after photos of the sink area. Laura chose a big one “pan” sink for the kitchen. And we decided to splurge a bit and she got a really fancy faucet. Not only does the “sprayer” pull out of the faucet, but it is a touch unit. So once the water is set with the handle, you can leave it “on” and just touch the faucet and it turns on/off. Really handy for when your hands are wet or dirty, as it does work with the back of your hand as well. Plus, we had a new quiet disposal installed as well, so quiet it is hard to hear it.

On Monday, they will be adding the back-splash to the kitchen and then Tuesday they will be grouting it. Then they will get back to work on the bathroom. We figure there will be about another two weeks to get everything finished, then it’ll take a week to get everything cleaned up! :)