State of the Remodel

The house is alive with hammering, sanding, and whatever else sounds there are when people are tearing things down and putting things up. The house is a mess, but it is moving along nicely. Laura has been wanting to do some changes around the house for awhile and we finally decided to make the move. What are we doing you ask? Well let me see if I can explain it.

Framing of the master closet.

Stage one is the back room. We are taking the “add on” room that is in the back of the house and splitting it up. Half of the room will be the walkway to the backyard and also serve as Pearl’s (Laura’s Poodle) room when we are not home. The other half will be our new master closet. We are moving the door that went from our room to the back room and moving it out a bit to give us an entrance into the closet.

After the drywall was put up
Drawer side of the cabinets

Yesterday they put in the cabinets that Laura designed for the master closet and they look really nice. Today they are staining them and we should be able to start moving our stuff in there middle of next week. The north part of the closet will have drawers which will replace the dressers. The south wall will have our hangup clothes and 3 deep shelves. There will also be a small place for hanging clothes on the east wall as well. And a shelf running all along the top all the way around the closet. It should really be a nice setup once it is done. We are leaving the build in window seat that has internal storage and Laura will be putting some cushions on it so that we can use it for setting and dressing.

New tile in the kitchen

Stage two is the kitchen. They laid the tile floor yesterday and did the grout work today. The tile is just the first of the work we have lined up for the kitchen. We are also replacing the countertops and backsplash. Plus getting a nice sink and faucet. Once all the work is done, Laura and I will be removing the wallpaper and painting the walls. We also plan to paint the very bottoms of the cabinets that are still brown – we skipped them when we did the initial painting.

They have not started on the “main” project yet, stage three. That being the master bathroom. Currently are master bath also has our closet it in. That will be gutted out and we will be expanding the bathroom. We’ll be enclosing the toilet in a little room, installing a new bigger shower and then having new cabinets installed in both the bathroom and in the hall closet that shares the wall with the bathroom.

We are also finally getting our front door refinished. It looks severely weather beaten. They will sand it down and re-varnish and and we had them install a full view glass storm door as well.

Laura has done a great job working on the designs and communicating that to the contractor and the cabinet maker. I’ve had a few items I requested, but most of it has been all her. More photos as we progress in the project.