New Project!

Now that the kitchen project phase 1 is completed (you can see photos on facebook). And before we start on phase 2 of the kitchen project (removing wallpaper and painting the walls). I am working on a little side project I have been thinking about for awhile. I am building a “Media Center” PC.

I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and I haven’t been using my secondary PC much lately, so I figured I’d set it up. I am going to hook it up directly to our 37″ Sharp Aquos Flat Panel and also to our stereo in the living room. I won’t be using it for “TV Tuning/PVR” as we have DirecTV DVR already for that. And we can watch Youtube and Netflex on our BlueRay DVD (a bit slow, but it works). So, I mainly want to setup the PC for Hulu and Music. Plus we will be able to have a PC in the living room to surf the internet or play some simple games on the TV.

One other nice thing will be remote control. I’ll have several different versions of VNC installed. One will be for the iPad to have full remote control of the desktop. And I’ll have other versions to just mimic keyboard keys, so I can use my iPhone as a remote as well.

It’ll be a fun project and then once it is finished, we’ll see if we actually use it. Although I have been using Hulu on my laptop to watch old shows like “Lost in Space” or “The Adams Family”. It’ll be good for that, as watching it on my laptop kinda sucks.

Somewhere down the road I might add a huge hard drive to it so we can rip some of the family videos and keep them on the PC ready to go at any time. And what ever other stuff we want to store on it.