Weekend 1 of the Kitchen Project

To bad I can’t come up with a really cool secret code name for our kitchen project, so we’ll have to just go with “kitchen project”.

Weekend one is complete, we got off to a roaring start fizzled out in the middle, but had a fairly good finish. Saturday morning, we took a trip to Lowe’s to get a few supplies for the project, and then started removing all the cabinet doors and draws from the kitchen. Once they were in the garage with all the hardware removed, we proceeded to clean them all off with a TSP substitute. We have some real TSP, but all the primers said to use a substitute (environment I guess). We managed to get all the door and drawers done and then kinda petered out the rest of the day. We did manage to clean out 3 sets of cabinets, but we could have done more.

On Sunday, Laura ended up with a migraine, so she just rested most of the day. I finished up cleaning out the cabinets and prepping the outer part of the cabinets for priming. We also got rid of a good amount of stuff that we don’t use anymore, which gave us a lot more room in our cabinets.

Next weekend we will sand down any rough spots or other trouble spots and then apply some Killz primer to prep the surface for painting. This week we will be going to Lowe’s to pick out some new hardware (hinges and handles). More loads of fun next weekend. But we know our limits now and the rest of work probably won’t be as hard (except for the sanding).

The picture at left is how the kitchen is currently. We are still using the cabinets, just without doors for now. Probably another 3 weekends and we’ll be done (we hope). Then we can start looking at tile and counter tops.

Windows 7 Tools

So it’s been a few months since my last blog update – and I have been meaning to make a mention of some useful tools I found out about in Windows 7 that are not well known. So here we go!

Snipping Tool is the first little gem. Before Windows 7 I used Paint Shop Pro for my screen capturing, or in a pinch I would use “Prt Scrn” and then paste into an image editing program. But, with Snipping Tool it makes it all too easy.

When I first ran Snipping Tool, I did a search and when Windows showed it, I right clicked and “Pinned” to start menu. I knew it would be a handy program and it is nice to have it ready on the start menu at all times. To find it, just go to your start menu, and search for Snipping Tool. It should show up. To Pin it to your start menu, right click on it and select “Pin to Start Menu” (you can also pin it to the taskbar).

When you are in need of a screen shot, just start it up, press on the down arrow next to “New” and you will be presented with the type of screen shot you want. You can select from Free from, Rectangular, Window and Full Screen. Then it can easily be saved as a JPG, GIF or PNG.

The next nifty little program is called “Problem Steps Recorder”. Have you ever needed to show someone how to do something on a computer, but due to distance or time schedules, that wasn’t the easiest thing to do? What if you could record your steps, and then send them a zip file that contains all the info they need to do the processes, step by step? Nice huh?

It is not easily found in Windows 7, but the easiest way to launch it is to type ‘PSR’ in the search box and press enter. Then you can “Start Record”, when you are done press “Stop Record” and it will ask you for the name of the zip file you wish to save everything too. Contained in that zip file is a “MHT” file, which I don’t really know what it is, but Internet Explorer opens it up. And you have a time line with screen shots of what all was done, like the image below (click on image for larger version).

This could be handy for reporting problems, showing others how to do something, or just a way to remind yourself how to do something for tasks you only do occasionally.