Texas Back Roads

What do you do in Texas on hot weekends in May? You drive to Laredo for some Texas High School baseball playoffs, what else! Being our second trip to the area to do just that, we decided to take the Falfurrius route again, instead of driving up highway 83 along the border. And boy was I glad we did that. It was like taking a trip back in time.

Once you turn off 281, onto 285 in Falfurrius you see the old city “main street”. Yea, some of the old building are boarded up and closed, the old gas pumps long rusted away. But it gets you in the frame of mind of a small town road. The type of road I used to see as a kid when I would take trips with Dad to go to the races. Driving here and there when 281 was a 2 lane road, corner stores weren’t open 24/7 and sometimes you would go miles without seeing other traffic.

When was the last time you used for hi-beams, or floored it to pass another car? On this trip back home, I actually used my hi-beams for the first time since getting the truck 18 months ago (and WOW are they bright!). Miles and miles of ranch land (not ugly old overgrown brush like you see sometimes today), livestock grazing an evening meal. People pulling over to allow you to pass or even the friendly wave of thanks when you do so for them. And what about the small run down looking mexican restaurant that you would guess is actually closed, but it has 20 farm truck parked outside, making you wonder why you are driving past it instead of stopping by for a meal.

To me, that is they way to travel. Minimal traffic, nice flowing landscapes to look at all afternoon, and even the border patrol check point only had 2 officers there. What a relaxing time it was! Sure we were out in the middle of no-where, but being no-where is rather nice!


  1. david says:

    Teri and I luv that about where we live, several diff routes to get to common places…nothing like getting away from the metropolis!

  2. Harry says:

    It has been a long time since I went that way, but it is an enjoyable trip. Hebbronville was my stopping point for a bathroom break, Diet Dr. Pepper and leg-stretching.

  3. Kevin says:

    I should have taken photos, but didn't think about it, and my Sony camera is currently on the disabled list. I dropped it a few months back and it is stuck in night mode. I need to take it in for repair here pretty soon.