New Play Toys

IpadIt was bound to happen. Friday evening Laura and I decided to stop by and take a look at the new Apple iPads at Best Buy. Laura spent  most of the time playing with it. I played with it a bit, and then just watched Laura. Before we walked out of Best Buy, we were both carrying a new Ipad.

Now, what makes it so great? Well I could ramble off several items. But let’s start with the battery, to me that is what made this purchase for me. I now have a device that I can use around the house, all day long, with no cord attached. And just recharge it at nights. That in itself is awesome. No more power supply sitting next to my recliner, no more plugging in the laptop, no more wondering how long the laptop will last.

Secondly, is boot time. Sitting in my recliner or in bed, I can hit the power switch on my iPad and have instant access to email, the web, twitter, books, games, TV, Video, Music. No waiting for Win7 to boot, no dealing with the small iPhone screen. Power button, tap icon and your are in business.

Currently the apps for the iPad are not numerous, but that should change in the coming months. The iPad specific apps I have seen so far are great. The email client is wonderful. Safari could use some tabs like Firefox/Chrome, but otherwise it is great too. Who knows what will be the “killer” app. If publishers embrace it, this device will be the ultimate for Newspapers and Magazines. For other types of reading, I didn’t like the idea of reading books on the iPhone (Laura does), because of the small screen. But with the iPad, I have purchased possibly my last paper book. Kindle and iBooks will become the normal for reading.

For Tech purposes, how about storing every PDF you have stashed on various USB drives into the iPad and having them read to view/read in seconds. Or the ABC Player application, any ABC series at your fingertips, ready to be watched. I am sure CBS and FOX will follow ABC’s lead soon.

There is probably a ton of other uses that haven’t even been tapped yet. But I believe the iPad has filled a void that we really didn’t know we had. The ones that Laura and I got are WiFi only versions. We didn’t feel the need to have a 3G device. As most of the places that we would use a larger device will have WiFi. If we need to access mail, web, etc on the go, we have our iPhones.

So — It definitely rates a 5 out of 5 stars for me. I am hooked! And look, I really didn’t even mention the games yet :))


  1. Teri H says:

    Media suckers! =)