Christmas 2009

Christmas Tree 2009 It is that time of year again. This last Friday night, Linda Jean and Zachary did all the hard work decorating the Christmas Tree. Laura sat in her office and I supervised the evening and they did a great job. We decided to keep it simple this year, Christmas tree and few decorations around the house and that is it since we’ll be spending Christmas in Round Rock.

We are looking forward to traveling north to see my family, as all the kids will be getting together for Christmas this year. Kelli and Dan will be down with their two kids and of course David and Teri live in Liberty Hill now, so they’ll be there. And then we’ll be going up as well. I am just hoping it is not to cold as we’ll probably be sleeping in my parents travel trailer.

Living room TV SetupOver the last few days, Laura and I have been discussing moving the “nice” TV out of our bedroom and into the living room. So after Church today, I drove over to Best Buy and picked up a nice little entertainment center I saw online for $99. Then spent about an hour or two, moving the A/V system from the bedroom into the Living room using the new entertainment center. Then put the old TV, DTV DVR and DVD player in our bedroom.

I was wanting to get this done before last night so we could watch the UT game in the living room, but we didn’t make it. At least I am able to watch the Cowboys in the living room while I update my blog and finally make another post since it has been awhile.


  1. Teri H says:

    We'll have an extra bed at our house by Christmas so if ya'll wanna stay here, you are welcome to!