Urgent Email Settings Update Requested

Nice Try idiots

Nice Try idiots

Wow, I received this urgent email this morning. That because of a “security upgrade” on my server, I need to update my email settings on my email account. But wait… the server that I lease, that I setup myself, that does not actually host any email accounts (only does forwarding) is sending me and email stating that it had a security upgrade and I need to update my settings? Very interesting. LOL

I had to laugh when I read this, the best part is the Best regards, razorsdomain.com Technical Support. Like I would actually sign an email like that!


  1. Linda & Glen says:

    Look who's keeping an eye on you guys … just making sure you're behaving … See you Sunday!

  2. Kev says:

    Hehe Thanks L&G! Linda, you should join facebook, Laura can show you the ropes, then you can keep an eye on lots of us :)

  3. Linda & Glen says:

    I'm ON Facebook. I just posted a comment regarding my newest grandson's "sonogram" which shows all his perfect features (Samuel Glen Dunn). I saw your photo when my daughter was here (you must be "friend" of someone she knows). I'm just shy … haven't gotten into it much. I have 20 people to add as friends and family, just haven't gotten to it yet. If Laura Jean can find me, I'll answer her ;-) Hope I get over this cold by Sunday … maybe I need to call Nathan!! jejeje (that's how they do it in Spanish … or jajaja) Wierd to me!!! Sounds kinda like "profanity"!! Love you guys!!!