Laura’s Update

Just a quick update. Laura had her appointment with the urologist yesterday afternoon. It didn’t take very long at all, and he removed the last stent still inside her. He also took a look at the stones she had collected so far (which was not much) and said that it wasn’t enough, there was mores still in there.

After getting home Laura had a few hours of pain, but it worn off and it has not returned since. She has been finding more stones though, the stent was probably “blocking” them from coming out, because I think she got more stones collected last night than she did the whole previous 6 days. And they are not really “stones” just a lot of fragments.

She has class today and will be working on a few things at the school. Then I think she might have a few things to do tomorrow, but otherwise she’ll be off till Tuesday, so she’ll be able to rest and recoup over the weekend.