I was reminded that I had not posted a blog update today, so here we go :) Laura has a good day at home. She is a bit tired, but she was kept semi busy today which was good for her. She did stay home most of the day. She left around 4:00 to go with Zachary for an appointment. And then at 6:00 we went to meet her friend Jamie at Tico’s for dinner. Laura spent most of the day in bed, her mom left around 3:00 and she was a real blessing for Laura. Especially since they had not really spent much time together after Laura recovered from her last hospital visit.

Tonight we are just watching some Iron Chef America shows (currently watching the catfish challange), we’ll be heading off to bed soon. Not much planned tomorrow, I’ll be working, and then Dad is coming into town, so we’ll probably go over to Grandma Nunn’s for some Pizza. Not much planned for the weekend, I want to do some re-arranging around the house, but I haven’t decided on what I want to do just yet, so that remains to be determined if I do that or not.