Laura’s Home! 4:30

Around 3:15 we went in to see Laura in the recovery room. She was groggy, but was asking questions about her procedure. We talked for a bit, then a nurse came in to take out her IV and gave us instructions and then Laura got dressed to come home. We made it home around 4 or so, Laura is in bed resting. She is having some pain and just took some Tylenol III for it.

Word from the Dr is that after the sounding procedure, he did not see any stone in the left side. He did find the stone in the right side and hit it with a laser to break it apart. Then he put a stent back in her right side to heal the healing of the tube that he put the laser in. She has an appt for next Wednesday at this office to have the stent removed. We will be straining her urine for a week to collect any stones pieces that pass, and she has 1-2 days bedrest coming to her Thursday and Friday.

So all looks good here, she is in some pain, but we hope and pray it won’t last long and that the pain medication will do it’s work and let her rest. I’ll update again later today on how she is doing.