Good Tech Support? For Real?

From Blogger Pictures

We’ve all had those tech support calls that we use as examples of pure idiots and I still dread each and every call that I have to make to a tech support line, or any customer service call for that matter. But, for once I actually had good call!

Last night after doing my running around and picking up something for supper, Zach informed me that the internet was down. So I messed with a few things and did my own troubleshooting, but I could not tell if my router had taken a dump or if it was an AT&T DSL problem.

So after a bit of testing and troubleshooting, I called AT&T Internet support. Luckily I got a person I could understand, although he was not really technically “smart”, he was a pretty good phone support person. We went through the normal checks, “open up internet explorer, what does it say” type stuff. We then progressed to opening a DOS box and pinging Luckily we didn’t do too much of the “easy” troubleshooting as I had told him I had already done all that. It was funny too when he asked me what version of Windows I was running, when he asked he rambled off the different versions, after he was done I said I was running Windows 7… “What’s that?” I told him it was the new version of windows… “oh, ok”, then I told him it was very much like Vista, but better and to just treat it like I have vista.

Anyway, after we ended up plugging my computer directly into the DSL modem, did a reset on it, logged into the modem and looked at a few screens, he decided to escalate me to tier 2 support. 3 minutes later I was talking to tier 2, this person was not as easy to understand, but her accent was not too bad, so I caught most of what she was saying. She did say there was reports of a problem in our area, but it had not been confirmed. As she was checking on things, I was poking around the DSL modem configuration and found a page that was saying the “ATM” was down, so I told her, then she tried to connect to my modem, and said she could not. We did a few more things and once she “reported” the problem, then the outage was confirmed (I guess I was the report to confirm there was a problem). So, there was not ETA on a fix, but I told her I had gotten the info I needed, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t my problem and that they knew about it and I was off to relax. Sometime during the night it did come back on and we had internet access again this morning.

So, overall this was probably the best tech support call I had ever made. The personnel was polite and didn’t give me too much hassle when I told them I knew what I was doing and didn’t need to do basic tests. Tier 2 support didn’t even have me do anything at all, I just told them what all I had done, and they went with that. I was pretty satisfied with the result. I’ll probably never have a good support call like that again, but at least I did get one in my lifetime.