Post on the Run

It had been about the same this last week. Busy with work, new menus go out on Tuesday, we added another wingstreet to the list now, our 23rd street location is now a Wingstreet! So, I have been pretty busy lately, that along with getting back to the AS400 conversion I was working on before.

Speaking of the AS400 conversion, I solved the one problem that I was having, replacing a subroutine that was only available on the Sys/36. I got that figured out yesterday (Saturday), so now I need to convert all the programs that use that subroutine to RPGIII and change the code. Then I should be able to take the 400 to the location and start testing. I still need to write a faxing program, but that can be done during testing.

Currently I am sitting at Carwash Carwash getting Laura’s car washed. Then it will be the trucks turn. Laura has been in a but more pain the last day or so. We are not sure if it is the stones or the stints. But she has an appointment with the urologist tomorrow at 1:10, so we can ask him about it then. She has been gaining more strength, but it seems the better her body gets, the more pain she feels.

Church went well this morning, excellent worship service and sermon. This week was the last week that we would have our pianist, Nathan Dunn. He is heading to San Antonio for college, so today he played a special “mini concert” and the we had a lunch fellowship for him.

Lots of cars here at the car wash, too hot to manually wash I guess, atleast for me it is. Laura’s car has not been washed since she got sick, so it needs it and my truck seems to look dirty 30 minutes after a fresh was, so it always looks dirty ( to me ).