Weekend coming to a close

It’s been a nice weekend. I started it off a bit early on Thursday night with guild night on WoW. I finally got to run with the people I had been chatting with for a good while. And I think I ended up doing ok. We only died a few times, ok maybe more than a few, but I did ok on healing I guess. We’ll have to see if they let me heal again or not LOL. I’ve still got some work to do on my character though, still lots of learning to do.

Friday was pretty much a lazy day, I had taken it off work, so I didn’t really plan on doing much. Laura and I did some running around and a bit of shopping. I played WoW for a while and did a few things around the house.

Saturday was pretty much the same, household chores, a bit of running around town, a nap and then we spent the evening reading after a good dinner at “The Woodlands”.

Our Sunday was about as normal as always. Although we did get up earlier than usual. Church was good, and sadly this was our second to the last sunday with Nathan on piano. After next sunday he is leaving for school in San Antonio. We napped for a bit, then did a few more things around the house, including giving Pearl a bath. Now we are just relaxing, I am going to make beans and cornbread for supper and maybe so some more reading.

Laura is slowly improving. She helped run the music slides during the service today, as my usual helper could not make it in today. She helped dry off Pearl after the bath and now she is back in our bedroom reading. She has a dentist appointment on Wednesday, and she is also taking Zach to an orthodontist appointment on Monday.

Hope everyone has a great week!