Doctors and Groceries

Well, even though Laura’s appointment today had her sitting for hours. The results were good. They had given her a breathing test, then gave her a breathing treatment, then gave her the test again. She did well on the test both before and after the treatment, so her longs are or have returned to normal. She still gets rather weak just doing small things, but I am sure that is just because her body is not used to it. After lying around for 2 weeks, it is gonna take awhile to get back to normal.

After work I stopped by the house and picked up a well-napped Laura and we ventured to HEB for some grub. Apart from a few trips to the restroom, she did good. We even ran into my boss Jerry there and we also ran into some people from STC, and the chatterbox took off for awhile until I made mention that talking will tire you out as well :) She is currently relaxing and in a bit we are going to make some Taco’s for dinner. I’ll try to do most of it or help out with the dinner, but I might not be as good as when she makes it.

Tomorrow afternoon she has an appointment with her regular doctor, and that is it for this week I do believe.

I am planning on my first night to group/raid with Dan’s WOW Guild. Since the first of the year I have pushed my way to level 80 as fast as I could, and I finally made it. Thursday night is the guilds regular raid night, and for the first time I’ll be joining them has the groups healer. We’ll see how that works out… hopefully the won’t all die too many times :)

Friday is another vacation day for me. Not much planned but I do have some client work to catchup on (AS400 work) and some things to do around the house and maybe!!! try to get our lawn back into the land of the living. With no rain and me spending 2 weeks in the hospital with Laura, it is hurting right now.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and the coming weekend.