Today’s Doctor Visit

Wow, my blog has turned more into my blog for Laura :) Ah well, she is worth it. Anyway, today we visited the urologist, we found out a few new things, but still in a holding pattern.

Still the key thing is to make sure the kidney’s are healed up completely, as the “sounding” to break of the stone could hurt the kidney if it is not healthy. So they have scheduled her for another appointment in 3 weeks to see how things are doing and get on with the procedure.

They did take an x-ray today, and the doctor went over it with Laura. He pointed out two stones he could see. One was in her bladder, the other seemed to be in the stint. The doctor said that the one in her bladder can probably be reached when he goes in to remove the stints. The other will probably need to pounded on with sound waves to turn it into sand. Laura said that the colon was blocking part of the right kidney and I think that is where the bigger stone was, so it is probably still there, but not visible. We assume they will do another CAT scan after the next appointment and then go in to remove the stints and take care of the stones.

I also took off the rest of the afternoon and I have been getting some stuff done around the house. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer, then I attacked the pantry and got that a bit organized and cleaned out. Now to a few other small chores then time to relax.


  1. sherry says:

    kevin AND laura!!—-thank you so much kevin, for the well-informed updates—–laura has come a long, long way——we are very relieved—–

    it sounds as if you are getting excellent medical care—-that, too, is a blessing—

    i know the two of you are happy to be at home together—sending lots of love your way—-sherry (and for terry, too)