Monday – 1 Week at Home!

Well it has been a fun week, a bit busy, but fun and a real joy to have Laura back at home again. She is slowly improving day by day. She is still rather weak and can’t do a lot, but she gets up and moves around when she can to help build her body back up again.

All of last week she had visits to the Wellness Center. At 8am her Dad would take her for her morning Maxipime Infusion, and I would take her at 4:30pm. On Friday I took half a day off and we went and had lunch at Luby’s. Then we stopped at Burn’s motors to get the oil changed in the truck. Then we stopped by Car Wash Car Wash to get the truck washed. Then we stopped by Dairy Queen for an ice cream, and then finally went back to the Wellness Center for her final infusion and after it was done, they pulled out her PICC line. She was a bit concerned about that process, but it went without her even knowing it.

This weekend she got out and about a bit more. Saturday we did some running around, including a trip to HEB. Sunday she went to church, then napped all after noon :) Sunday evening I went to help Nick move some furniture and Laura went along for the ride. Then we had dinner at Red Barn and then Jamie came by the house to visit with Laura while I did a few things around the house.

This coming week is full of doctor appts for Laura. She has two followup appts with the Lung and Infectious Disease specialists. Those will probably just be short follow ups. On Tuesday I am going with her to the urologist so we can see how she is doing, and also find out what the plan is for the kidney stones. And she also has a regular appt with her family doctor this week as well. I need to schedule one myself just to have a “check up” to see how I am doing and considering our future plans, I want to make sure I am up for “working out”.

Future Plans? well Laura and I have decided that once she gets in better physical shape and recovers, we are going to join Gold’s Gym and try to get in a bit better shape. She mainly wants to have fun in the pool! but I know that is good exercise for her. I’ll probably just do some sort thing to keep in better shape.

I am going to have this Friday off, as it is the last day for me to use time off and I have 1 day left, so I am going to take it :) We don’t have any plans and will probably just stick around the house. We’d like to take a trip up to Austin, but that might still be a month or two to give her more time to recover.


  1. charity gloria says:

    Thank you for the update, Kevin. I am so glad to hear the details of this week. I think about ya'll every day and wonder how things are. It was such a joy to talk to Laura and hear her voice. I look forward to talking to her again, when she is up to it. Please give her my love.

    Praise God for His healing power and His wonderful gift of giving us each other.

  2. Teri H says:

    Maybe we'll be in Austin by the time she's ready for a long road trip! Glad to hear she's doing so well!