On the Homefront

Laura is at home and trying to enjoy the easy life. I think she might be getting a bit bored, but she is doing well. She didn’t need any of the little items we borrowed to help her out around the house. I had gotten her a walker, and shower stool and a thing that makes the toilet higher, but she has been getting by without them fine. She is still moving a bit slow, but it is improving.

Mornings at 8 and afternoons at 4:30 are spent at the Wellness Center next to the hospital. Laura gets her Maxipime via IV. The rest of the time is spent at home. As she gets stronger, we will take some walks through HEB or similar to get her some exercise and a change of surroundings. She has a few appointments next week for the several doctors that were caring for her, and also a family doctor visit as well. One 8/4 is when we visit the Urologist, so we will find out more about how to take care of the kidney stones. Which is the next step after she is recovered.

As for me, yesterday was the first day back it work. I must say it felt good to be back at work. I have a little bit of catching up to do, which I will probably finish up today, then I have several projects I need to timeline out and get to work on.