Sunday 8am

Laura had a fairly good night. She was up a lot to go to the bathroom, but seemed to sleep well in between. She had a very good looking breakfast today, Eggs, fruit, bagle, rice krispies and a cup of coffee.

About 7:45, Gloria a nursing instructor from STC showed up to sit with her awhile. I am back at home, going to wake up, have some coffee, clean house a little, then go to the church for todays service.

Why clean house? Well Dr Ayala the primary came in this morning and said all he is waiting on is information from the Infectious Disease doctor, we need to find out about her anti-biotics. If we need to continue the IV or if she can take it orally. He said he would like to release her TODAY! so that is great news! I need to head up to Walgreens or similar and get a few things for Laura to use around the house during her recovery, get her some clothes and bring her home. That is why I am going to clean up just a bit this morning, get her bed ready, make sure the kitchen is ready for me to cook her fantastic meals. Get her laptop ready for her catching up on emails and such.

Thanks everyone for their prayers and thank God for his grace, mercy and healing hand. Laura and I will continue to learn from this experience and I hope others have been touched by it as well.