Saturday 9:00am

Things are looking very good for Laura. Her mental state has improved. We chatted for a good while last night (she could not sleep) we were watching a show on the History Channel about Abraham Lincoln and we talked some about the early US history. We talked about the kids, about her progress and what has happened. She read a bit of the blog, not sure how far she got but around 1 we tried to sleep. I was sleeping fine, but she was having problems. She tried her “Whitenoise” iphone app which plays various different “background’ noises. She decided to try a distant thunderstorm last night. but that did not work, so she read her book for awhile (via kindle for the iphone).

Around 3am she finally went to sleep and we got a hour or two before nurses started coming in for blood draws or this or that. She got her breakfast (Hard boiled egg, Muffin, Fruit and cream of wheat, she only at the egg and fruit). The she decided to sleep some more and slept till almost 9:00am.

Her new primary doctor came in, gave us a review of her conditions. Lungs are better and sound clear now. Blood platlets are still a bit low, but they are rising. He said he would need to talk to the Infectious Disease specialist and Dr Dejuana who did the stint procedure to find out the status of her infection and kidney, urinary track.

Her day nurse, Lois, came in and gave us a brief rundown on what she knows. Which is they want to either take her off anti-biotics or switch to oral pills. Which would mean they could stop using IV. Not sure if that means they’ll take her picc Line out or not, but probably so. The other thing is the catheder, Dr Dejuana will decide if they want to remove that and when. Mitch Ladyman (our RN friend) said it looks good that she might can come home on Monday. And Lois seemed to feel the same way. They are progressing toward releasing her from the hospital. We also need to find out about the stints, I think they might remove one of the stints (left kidney), but leave the right one in until she recovers and they break apart the stone in her right kidney.

We have had an onslaught of offers for people to stay with her to help out me and Art. Today Linda Cantu, Laura’s department chair and friend will be watching her from 11-4. Then Mila, a nursing instructor from STC will stay with here from 4-8. Then I’ll probably cover the night shift again. The Dean of the nursing program and another lady will be helping out Sunday morning/early afternoon. I am going to try to make it to the Sunday service at the least tomorrow. We will have to see how tired I am.

We thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support. Laura is very ready to come home, and I am ready to have her here. We’ll just need to work with her and help her get back on her feet and healthy again. One plan is a Gold’s Gym membership for both of us. She mainly just wants to swim, I’ll just buff up and try out for Mr America :)

I am going to grab some breakfast, and try to maybe nap for a bit, then I want to go back up to the hospital to check on her progress. Then I might get a few more chores done around the house and get ready for another fun night shift.


  1. Teri in CO says:

    I am so happy that she's doing better and better every day! I'll be cheering for you at Mr. America!!! =)

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks sis! :)))