Saturday 4:00pm

I took the boys up to see Laura around 3pm. She was very happy to see them and they talked for awhile. As we were leaving Laura was getting ready to take a shower and shave her legs. An RN from STC will be staying with Laura till 8:00, then I will do the night shift again. Laura and I decided to try to find something on TV we can watch together. We haven’t done that in awhile.

Tomorrow morning the Dean of the Nursing program at STC and another RN will be sitting with Laura from 8 to 1. That will give Art and I a chance to attend church. I probably won’t run the sound, but I would like to attend as I missed it last week.


  1. Kelli Kienker says:

    Yea Laura!!! So glad she is doing better. Enjoy watching your tv together tonight. Dan and I rarely do that either. We are watching a movie together tonight though, Valkyrie (sp?). Love you guys!