She is in room now – 11:00am

She is in 3103 now, she might need some rest for a bit, then I am sure she will love some visitors


  1. Jan McCoy says:

    Kevin, I have a friend who lives at a healthfood store. She says she has a product that reduces the spikey things on the stones. (That is what causes all the pain when the stones try to pass.) She has customers that swear by this product. I think it is called Free Stone. She said you can google it and read about it. If you want some, I can get it thru her for 30% discount. Let me know. It is all herbal. Let me know. Thanks, Jan

  2. Kevin says:

    Jan, well if it is herbal, it can't hurt :) Yea, go ahead and get some I can can send you a check or whatever. Just let me know via email.

    And thanks so much for coming down and helping. I know it made Laura feel a lot more at ease having you here.