Thursday 7:30pm

Wow, it’s been a busy day. And we have some great news. All 4 of Laura’s doctors signed off on her release from ICU! As soon as they find a room, they will be moving her out of ICU. Great News!!!

It has been a good day. After dropping of Jan at the airport, I went back to the hospital. I helped Laura eat her lunch (creamy chicken soup), helped her brush her teeth, brushed her hair, talked with her, talked more. Although she did nap a few times. She is looking a lot better, but still fairly weak and will have some physical therapy session ahead to get her walking and standing up straight again.

For supper she had Salsbury Steak, potatoes and green beans, She loved every bite, although she could not finish it all. Then she had fruit for dessert.

We are not sure when she will be moving, but I gathered up all her stuff except for her cell phone and charger. Hopefully by tomorrow morning she will have a room. Once her coordination is better she’ll be able to catch up on her email on her iphone, catch up on phone calls, etc.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. She still needs to recover a lot, but she is on the way. As soon as I know her room number I will make a blog entry with it. Maybe I’ll have her back home early next week. :)


  1. sherry says:

    kevin–laura's remarkable improvement is a testament to her powerful inner strength, the love of all of those around her, her faith, her terrific hospital care, and without question, a wonderful husband being beside her all of the way—-we are thrilled beyond to hear your wonderful news, and as always, thank you for your updates—

    with love——aunt sherry and uncle terry

  2. Melissa Beltran says:

    So happy to hear Laura is doing better. I've been off in lala land with these pain killers, but I'd have Joseph check the blog whenever he's had time. Praise the Lord! You're such a wonder husband Kev! Give Laura my love.

    With love,
    Melissa Beltran

  3. Jean Swartz says:

    That is such terrific news! If they are going to move her to a regular room, she is definitely on the mend. Praise the Lord!