Thursday 7:30am

It looks like Laura had a ok night. She is slightly awake, just bearly talking, I am letting her drift back to sleep. She said she had some pain during the night. That is to be expected. She looks good and her stats look good. I notice she had her iPhone out, but she said she didn’t use it much. The nurse just mentioned that Laura had a long night, pain was bothering her. We pray the the pain eases up so that she can recover faster.


  1. Jean Swartz says:

    You know something is seriously wrong when Laura's not talking. sounds like she's getting back to normal.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yea, I think she talked herself out yesterday. While I was there they brought her breakfast and she only wanted the apple juice. She was to tired to eat the grits or oatmeal or whatever it was.