Thursday 1:45pm

I never thought I would say that it is good to hear Laura snoring! She has been sleeping well for about an hour now. Right before she had lunch, they had given her some morphene for pain and she is resting well right now.

Linda Smith visited Laua today before lunch. Laura was glad to see her. Linda and Ron had been out of town for a week and Laura was glad to see her back. We all talked for awhile and prayed. Laura was her talkative self again, as the anti-anxiety drug had worn off. After that I fed her cream of chicken soup, and the she dozed off to sleep. We did decide to change here to a “soft mechanical” diet now. Tonight she’ll be dining on Salsbury steak, mash taters and peas. She is looking forward to it.

One other note, we took her nose tubes off for her to clean her nose a bit, an her oxygen SAT stayed at 100. The nurse said she could keep it off and only use the mask for lung treatments. So for about 1.5 or 2 hours now she has had no supplemental oxygen and is doing good.


  1. Kelli Kienker says:

    Nice!!! She will enjoy her "first" real meal she's had in awhile! It actually sounds yummy to me right now (minus the peas). :) Love ya!