Wednesday 8:00pm

Laura had a very good day today, she was a chatter box. She talked with her me, my mom and dad, her mom and dad, Linda and Glen Dunn, Jamie Nelson, the nurses, etc. We are hoping she talked herself out and will sleep good tonight. Art will be going up there at 8:30 to stay with her awhile and then he’ll leave and hopefully she will sleep the night away. Then I’ll be going up early in the morning to see her and spend some time with her. I’ve got a few things to catch up on around the house, so I might get them done tomorrow because Jan will probably be leaving for home tomorrow. So I wanna get some of that stuff done tomorrow while she is up with Laura. So I will be able to be there for her Friday and over the weekend. We are hoping that she is improved enough to be in a regular room by next week. I can then spend early AM with her, go to work, see her at lunch and then again during the evening and Art will visit with her during the day.

Her stats has been really good. She is eating well, and was elated to have a glass of tea today. She didn’t care too much for the broccoli soup though.

Game plan is still the same for her recovery. she’ll be in the ICU for a few days, then probably a regular room, them back home for awhile before they take care of the kidney stone.

Thank you to all the family members, friends and everyone else out there that is praying for her. I know she is on a lot of prayer chains throughout the US and that is such a blessing. Thank you all!

More tomorrow, and hopefully more often. Today was another run around day, although I was able to catch a good hour or so nap around mid-day.


  1. Dave says:

    To God be the glory! Thanks for your freq reports as they allow us to engage in specific prayer….

  2. jamie says:

    Laura's cheeks had color and it was wonderful to see her so chatty. All the prayers are paying off and each day she is getting stronger!!