Tuesday 9:30

The night shift is now in session. Art went up to the hospital at 8:30, he said Laura was looking good and responsive as she has been most of the day. He said they were going to clean her up some, change bedding, etc.

I took Nick up there around 9:10 or so, Art will probably stay till around 10, then go on home. Nick will spend the night and I’ll take him back home at 6:30 in the morning.

This evening LJ blessed us with a big spaghetti dinner. Everyone got stuffed!

Today was a good day, and boy and I tired. We are praying that her night is uneventful and full of rest. Key things tomorrow will be pain management and her continued improvement over the sepsis and ARDS. It’ll probably still be several days before she can be transferred to a regular room.


  1. sherry says:

    kevin—once again, from sherry and terry in colorado, we are so grateful to be receiving your detailed updates—-and thank God for the encouraging news of yesterday and especially today—

    laura is so lucky to have you, and your parents should be so proud of all you are doing to be such a support to her and her family!! and i am so glad that they are there with all of you right now—–they, too, must be good, good people–

    laura's illness has made me very aware of how far away i am, and how i wish i could be there to be included in the 'care' system—
    we are sending much love and many prayers, as laura has been added to several prayer groups in our area of colorado—

    take care kevin—-no wonder you are laura's 'knight in shining armour'——————-sherry and terry

  2. Charity says:

    Praise God that she is responsive! As I was praying for Laura earlier today I envisioned the Lord holding and cradling her like a child. What a precious and faithful father He is.

    Kevin, I am so glad that you have had the support of your parents, Art, Jan, Nick and Linda Jean. Not to mention the love of church family and friends. May the Lord continue to strengthen and uphold every one of you.

    My heart leaped when you told of the smiles exchanged between Laura and the boys. What an encouragement that is! We are continually praying and looking forward to more and more good news.

    May you, Laura and the whole family be enveloped in the Lord's limitless peace, love and His marvelous grace.

  3. Kevin says:

    Thank you both for the encouraging words. God is speaking to slot of people with what has happened. I so much look forward to having Laura back home so that we can improve our own relationship, but also our relationship(s) with God, family and friends.

    Charity, Laura eyes lit up when I told her I had talked with you. She was so happy that we had talked.