Tuesday 8:45

I am back at the hospital now, Art was here when I got here. Laura’s stats look good, she is down to 40% on the BiPAP machine. She is now getting nutrition via IV drip, and the still have the bladder flush going, but they have turned it down (slower). Her urine is a light pink, slight lighter in color than yesterday. I am hoping the doctors come by early so we can get a good accessment of how she is doing.

Also, Nick and then Art, thus morning, said that she had been twitching, either jerking her head to one side or jerking her leg. Not sure if that is dreaming or just reflexes


  1. Jean Swartz says:


    I'd like to fix some food for you and your family. Something that you could just pop in the microwave when you wanted to eat. However, I don't want to interupt any of you when you are trying to get some much needed sleep. Is there a time tomorrow that I could stop by your house with something? Do any of you have any dietary restrictions, likes/dislikes?

    Jean Swartz

  2. Kevin says:

    Jean, thank you very much for the offer. Currently we are well taken care of. Linda Jean is cooking for us tonight and Laura's mom has made a few meals in the past few days. Both my parents and Laura's mom will be returning home in the next few days as it seems things are getting better. And they need to return to work :). So as the week goes on, I might could use some extra meals, and I do appreciate it, but it would mainly be for me. No dietary restrictions, I eat just about anything :) But we can wait until Thursday as food should be covered until than. I will email you my cell number.

  3. Jean Swartz says:

    We'll just postpone the offer then. I'll check back with you on Thurs. Since I'm not teaching this summer, my schedule is very flexible, so I'd be happy to fill in later.

    Glad to hear that Laura is improving. That was what I was gathering from your postings. Your blog has been a blessing to all of us wanting to keep up with her progress. Thank you so much for doing it.