Tuesday 7:30

Things are looking better for Laura, but at the same time, it will be a little harder on her. She will need your prayers for the pain from the kidney stones. As I probably mentioned before, if not several times. The concentration right now is to get rid of the infections and pneumonia, then worry about the stones. As the stones are not causing any damage, they are just painful. The main probably now will be the pain, as since she is more “awake”, the pain will be more real to her.

Her stats are looking a lot better. Her heart rate has occasionally gone a bit high and they give her something to bring it down alittle bit. Her BP is doing well and her Oxygen saturation has been great on just the oxygen mask. She is still on 2 anti-biotics, along with the regular IV drip and a nutrition drip. The irrigation drip for the bladder is also still running and her urine is clearing up slowly.

She said she wanted to see the boys so I took them up there and she was able to talk with them a bit, it was great to see the smiles, both on her face and on the boys faces. God is working in all of us. She is being positive about her situation, knows what she needs to do on her part (rest and breath). My parents got to see her again and she said hi and was surprised that they have come down to see her. I am still not sure if she is aware that she has been in the ICU for 7 days now.

From talking with the doctors today, her lung x-ray is finally looking better!!! Praise God!! And Dr Rodriquez also said that she would still have several days in the ICU so they can monitor her. Then she will probably be moved to a regular room. I might see if a private room is available, but we’ll have to see on that.

Her mouth is trying to recover from the 5 or 6 days of oxygen that really dried out her mouth. Her tongue and the insides of her mouth are peeling and bleeding, but it should not take long for that to heal up.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and we hope and pray that things will continue to improve.


  1. sharon rice says:

    Thanks for the update…so many prayers are with Laura and you and the entire family unit.
    I will keep following along

  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you Sharon, I am glad that I have been able to relay the information for Laura's friends and family. She is a very well loved lady!