Tuesday 11:00 – special moments of the evening

I go up to the hospital around 10:30, because Laura was a bit agitated by pain, they had given here a shot of morphene. I go into the room, Nick is by her side, she looks and me, raises her arms to me and sang “here he comes to save the day” :) such a blessing!!!


  1. Dean McNallen says:

    Kevin, I just wanted to say, God bless you and Laura, and your Family. Laura has been in our prayers and our thoughts. We are planning to be down there next week. Can we come by and hopefully see you and Laura, if see is out of ICU? All our Love, Dean, Shelley and Family

  2. Shirley Ingram says:

    Please know the HR Staff is thinking of and praying for Laura. She is a very special lady and is loved by more than she probably knows. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

    Thanks for the updates as we anxiously await the news of her getting better each day now.

    Again, do not hesitate to call upon us. Benefits Coordinator is Brenda Balderaz – 872-5057 and my # 872-5051.

    Take care of Laura and yourself!
    In thoughts and prayers,
    Shirley Ingram
    Director of Human Resources

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks Dean & Shirley!

    Dean, it's funny cause yesterday Laura had mentioned Shelly for some reason. I am sure she would love to see you guys. We are hoping that Laura can return to a normal room by this weekend or early next week. That would make us all feel better :)

    Shirley I will let her know, although I am not sure if she will remember stuff even though she is doing better. Those pain medications are pretty strong, but I am sure she will be reading this blog once she is better and she will see how many people out there care for her.

  4. Teri in CO says:

    What great news! This is the Laura I know!

  5. Charity says:

    Woo Hoo! She's got her spunk back! PTL!