Monday 11:00

Dr vela came by thus morning, he explained it out a bit more. She still has Sepsis, which is a generic term for multiple- organ infection, pneumonia, and ARDS, which is a generic term for breath and oxygen problems. She still seems to be in some pain, but the are using 2 pain meds to help with that. They gave her something to bring down her heart rate, which also lowered her BP a bit.

Mitch said that he really was impressed with her stats, he us also an ICU nurse, so he has seen this before.

My parents have arrived. In a bit I am going to meet them at the house and spend time with them for a bit and the bring them to see Laura.


  1. Laura says:

    You and Laura have been added to our church prayer list. The power of prayer works wonders. We love you Kevin.

  2. Shelley McNallen says:

    Thank you, Kevin for your updates. I've been checking back every chance I get to find out the latest. You are both in my prayers. Love you!