Sunday 9:00am

Last update before bedtime. Laura was doing a bit better early this morning, she was still a bit agitated, but sometimes just talking to her would remind her to not try to pull the mask off and she’d put her hands down and relax. I explained to her multiple times last night why the mask is on and why it has to stay on, and she is understanding.

The Infection Disease Dr came by before I left, he said her white blood count was down a little, which is good, but the red blood platelets were a bit up, which could be from the infection. Her kidneys are fine, and also the blood and urine cultures are clear, but that could be because antibiotics where already in her system when the cultures were taken. He also looked at her chest xray, as the did nurse and her lungs look a little be better than yesterday.

I am headed off to bed now for some sleep, for this reading, please don’t call unless it is an emergency as I am keeping my phone by the bed turned up loud incase I am needed at the hospital.