Sunday 2pm

I talked with Jan around 12:30, she said that Laura had been struggling some with the mask. They replaced the mask with a smaller size to try to help the discomfort. Jan had said she was coming back from the cafeteria and that before she had left, they had given Laura some pain meds for pain in her back. They are going to switch her mattress to an air mattress to help with the back pain and also to try to make her more comfortable.

I went ahead and got up, as I was having problems falling back asleep. I showered and I am going to run by the hospital just to check on her and see her, then going to HEB for a few items and back home to shave and maybe even try to nap. It depends on how Art and Jan are doing and if they need a break before 6:30.

I talked with Nick, Laura’s son earlier today. He has volunteered to help me with the night shift. He works the night shift and is used to the hours, so that will help and maybe I can get a good chunk of sleep tonight. Once he gets to the hospital tonight, I’ll spend some time with him to explain things and acclimate him. Then I’ll probably come home and try to sleep.

I will try to update again after I have visited Laura and after the trip to HEB and FINALLY, a shave!


  1. Caren Smith says:

    Kevin: This is Caren Smith. I am in California at a conference & haven't been to see you/Laura, but Jamie N has kept me informed & Laura has been in my thoughts continuously. I suggested we get STC nursing faculty to check in w/ you. I hope they have been helpful & supportive….that was their goal. If you need clarification on something (a status, a procedure, etc.) call them… was my understanding one of our RNs brought you contact information the other day.
    This blog thing is brilliant—it will provide you with a valuable history of what went on. And it is so good of you to share w/ others.
    When Laura gets coherent tell her I love her….I will come visit when I return to the Valley next week….maybe she'll be at home by then!
    Take care. Do not hesitate to ask for help——

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks Caren, I will sure tell her when you is coherent. Thank you very much for the thoughts and support.