Saturday 8:30pm

As of 8:30, Laura was still relaxing, she was starting to slightly come awake, but was still resting. After the nurse change at 7, I talked with Jo, the night nurse and luckily tonight she only had Laura and another patient who is doing really well, so she should be able to spend more time with laura if she needs it.

We changed the schedule around a bit for tonight. Jan is going to be with her until she gets tired, then she is going to call LJ to go up there, and LJ will stay until she gets tired. If Laura is doing well, LJ will just go home when she needs to and I’ll continue (hopefully) sleeping. The nurse or LJ will call me if I need to go up there.

While I was there, a lady came in and did a sonagram on Laura’s kidney’s and bladder. She reminded me about Laura’s gallstone and that it could be causing some of the pain as well. She was going to mark that in the report and make sure it was attended to.

I plan to go back up there after I get up. I want to be there when the doctors do their rounds so I can talk to them. I have some questions and I want to get the straight and up-front from them.


  1. sherry says:

    hi kevin—once again, we so appreciate your many updates—having been through many hospital experiences, and some very, very serious situations, such as laura's, i have always said that it truly was harder on the caregivers, than the patient——-in that while the patient may be undergoing tremendous pain or trauma, or illness, for the most part, they are not truly aware of all that is going on around them-

    but for the caretakers, who are trying to absorb all of the information, and make good decisions on behalf of their loved ones, and then to
    watch them struggle is heart-wrenching and frightening, at best—-so i have the most genuine and sincere respect for you, and certainly jan, art and the children——–laura is indeed very lucky and we all knows she feels the love and devotion of those of you 'on the front line' right now—–bless her nurses and doctors, too—and she surely feels the support of the many people who are praying for her—
    please know that my brother and i are with you in spirit——aunt sherry

    give my little 'putzy' a gentle kiss for me

  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you Sherry, I will give her a kiss first thing

  3. Kelli Kienker says:

    Hi Bubba, Just caught up on your posts since I last read. We got home from Nebraska tonight and just read everything. We are keeping her in our prayers and especially all of you who are staying by her side. Mom said that the are driving down tomorrow, so hoping that will give you more support having more family around. Wish we could be there to help out though. Love you lots and tell Laura that we love her as well!!

  4. Kevin says:

    Thanks sis!!