Saturday 3:45

I feel like we are all on a see-saw of some sort the last several days. She did fairly well last night but today has been a struggle for her. Health wise I think she is improving, which is a blessing. But without sedation she is fighting the mask a lot and while I was there briefly around 3, she was in a lot of pain, similar to the day I brought her in. Her vitals look good, even though she was struggling and very tense. So it seems her health is slowly improving, but her pain is getting worse. We think it is probably the kidney stone giving her the pain. They gave her a shot of dimeral and she was able to relax. She is not talking much, and I haven’t seen her open her eyes since yesterday.

Please pray that her pain will subside and that her health continues to improve. As for the family, we are praying for the strength to keep up the vigil.