Saturday 5:30pm

Jamie (laura’s friend) and I spent they early afternoon with Laura today. Her responses were better this afternoon, after the agitation she was having last night and this morning. She is aware of what is going on and how serious it is. And when she gets edgey or agitated I talked with her and remind her to settle down, breath with the machine and try to calm down. She says “ok” and she is working really hard to remain calm, work with the breathing mask and not move around too much.

Art came up around 10 till 5 and Laura was still sleeping. When I was coming home, Jan called and said she was on her way there. One or both of them will probably be with her until 10 or 11, then I will go up and stay with her most of the night. We might keep someone there all 24 hours for awhile until she taken off the mask. I think once they take her off the breathing machine, she will calm down and relax a little better. Once she is stable I am sure she’ll be happy to relax and catch up on her reading during her awake hours.

I am grabbing a quick snack, fed the dogs, then I am going to lay down for awhile.