Saturday 5:30am update

I am back at home now, Laura did really good tonight, from about 10 to 5 she able to sleep with the mask on and not fuss too much. The last two hours from 3 to 5 were a bit rough, but luckily it wasn’t because of the mask, but because she kept feeling the urge to pee. With the catheter of course she didn’t need to, but should would arouse about every 5 to 10 minutes and attempt to pull off the covers to get out of bed. Then I would explain that she didn’t need to and why and she would doze back off to sleep. The nurse wanted her to keep the mask on till 5, and then at 5 the nurse came in and with the help of another nurse they turned her over on her side, took the mask off and put in the nose tubes. Laura instantly fell back to sleep and look really comfortable. When the respitory guy (who’s name was Kevin), took the mask off, all she was saying was “thank you Thank you Thank You” Then she was out like a light.

It was a long night, Laura’s nurse was also working another patient and he was being a royal pain, he didn’t want any thing in him or on him, nothing, he was fighting everything and after about 1:00, I think they kept a secure detail in the room. After they took the mask off, I asked the nurse if it was ok if I left and she was fine with it. The security detail had calmed the guy down and then she could devote some more time to Laura.

Laura’s vitals look good pretty much all night. Except for the few times they would dip for a bit, but that was around 1 or 2 maybe? after that, they stopped doing that.

I am headed off to sleep for awhile, then I’ll head back up to the hospital when I get up and showered to see how things are going. Jan was a bit help and really made the first 2 or 3 hours go by fast. After she left the hours just crawled. But I kept telling myself that I would eventually rest in bed again, and that time has come. Good Night


  1. Kelli Kienker says:

    Glad to hear she finally got the mask off. Tell her we love her!!